Edible Prints

Photos can remind us of family, fun, memorable events, celebrations, and exciting places.

Whether you are creating an amazing centerpiece, a table full of cupcakes, or a batch of cookies, a beautifully printed edible photo will make a memorable statement!


Edible Sheets are very similar to fondant --- specially blended and pressed into ultra-thin sheets. They are easy to use and place onto frosted cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, and other desserts.

Our edible sheets have a very slight sweet taste and will not change the flavor of your frosting or icing. You can also ensure a clean cut of your cake. When properly sealed, it will last 7+\- days on the shelf. 

Our edible ink and sheets are Kosher approved.



(1) Cut out the shape of your print together with the backing page as needed for your design.

(2) Gently remove the edible sheet from the film on the back.
(3) Apply a thin layer of buttercream, piping gel or edible glue to attach the sheet to the cake.
(4) If any, preserve unused edible sheets in a resealable plastic bag.




If your cake surface looks like dry, spray it with some water and proceed then with the application of the printed sheet. 

If you want to decorate a Saint Honore, a vanilla slice, or a fruit tart, stretch a layer of plastic chocolate or modelling dough, lay the printout on it and put it on top of the cake. 

In case the printed sheet is not laid on the cake immediately, put it in its original envelope, well sealed.




15-20°C with humidity rate between 40 and 55%. Do not refrigerate. Product stored in conditions under the mentioned standards tends to harden and becomes fragile. In this case, we suggest to draw it close to a heat source (25/30°C) for some minutes before usage so that the product can become soft and flexible again. If these parameters are not respected and if product is stored for a long period, colour-changes might occur.



If edible photos are desired for your cake or confectionery items, please submit JPEG images of no less than the following respective requirements:


Sheet Size               Application and Sizes                                                                                              Image File Size

A4 size                     one large photo (round/rectangular cut) maximum 8"  cake surface                 > 250 KB 

A3 size                     one large photo (round/rectangular cut) maximum 11" cake surface                > 500 KB

A4 size                     maximum 12 cupcake-sized photos (round cut)                                                   > 20 KB each

A3 size                     maximum 24 cupcake-sized photos (round cut)                                                   > 20 KB each

A4 size                     maximum 20 standard cookie-sized photos (5cm x 5cm)                                    > 20 KB each

A3 size                     maximum 40 standard cookie-sized photos (5cm x 5cm)                                    > 20 KB each



If you are using edible print elements for the cake or confectionery items that you order at Chez Gourmet Studio, its charges will be included and specified in the amount quoted. 

If you order edible print for your own decoration purpose, please allow us 5 days lead time to ensure your products' quality. The following prices apply:

Sheet Size               Price per Sheet                     Minimum Purchase Quantity                                 

A4 size                     Mop 100                                  1 sheet

A3 size                     Mop 200                                  1 sheet


To enquire on specific needs for your design, please contact us at 28562523.


Please note that offensive, vulgar or x-rated images are refused.


In case of technical problems in fulfilling your order, customers will be informed of the order cancellation latest 3 days before pickup date. Payment will also be fully refunded. 

On the other hand, cancellations of order by the customer must be made no later than 48 hours after placing order in order to receive a refund. There will be an administration fee of Mop 50 withheld from the deposit. Last minute orders (for less than 5 days notice) will not be cancelled.

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